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Nashville, TN

“Sterling writing and direction and Eddie George's acting breakthrough make Nashville Rep's The Whipping Man an Event Delivered From Chains...  



The official fall of the South in April 1865 coincided with Passover, we learn. With Simon a convert to the DeLeon family's Judaism, the situation of a former slave and a former slaveowner sharing a feast that commemorates freedom from slavery takes on added resonance. The strength of Lopez's writing — including his dark but honest humor — is bolstered by one of director Rene Copeland's finest efforts. In particular, that means bringing together three actors who've never before appeared on the Rep's high-profile stage, and eliciting riveting performances that never flag throughout a taut evening.

Chief among them is former Titan turned actor Eddie George. After some workmanlike performances in the past with Nashville Shakespeare Festival, he finds a role here fitted ideally to his expressive skills. His Simon is roughhewn but likable, a bedrock whose humanity rebukes the society that shackled him — and George is convincing whether he's required to enact a grim amputation or lead an earnest Seder. Ultimately, it's Simon's play, and George's rise to the challenge is an event... READ ENTIRE TESTIMONY


Nasgville, TN


" I know I said be careful about reading reviews, but you should read this one-I've never seen Martin Brady give such a full-throated rave maybe ever, but certainly not in many years.  Not a snarky remark to be found. Congratulations, guys-you should be very proud.  We overcame cynicism in a reviewer who's seen it all!


Seriously, though, I couldn't be prouder of our work on this.  It's all about what we do to audiences, right? and they are blown away.  Thank you for your courage and willingness to trust me and each other.  Your performances are a gift, and audiences know it."

BY: Jeffrey Ellis

BWW Reviews: Eddie George Leads Stellar Nashville Rep WHIPPING MAN.


Eddie George, actor. After years of pursuing his dream, of plying his trade, perfecting his craft, it is now apparent that Eddie George - the once and future Tennessee Titan, pro football Hall of Fame member, Heisman Trophy winner, the very personification of professional sports in a town known worldwide as Music City USA - is one of this region's finest actors. He's paid his dues and in doing so, he silences his detractors with his most recent onstage role in Nashville Rep's stunning production of Matthew Lopez'sThe Whipping Man, now onstage at TPAC's Andrew Johnson Theatre through February 21.  READ COMPLETE REVIEW

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